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The new Sk8plate track arms now include an integral clamping design to hold the supplied 1800mm anodised Sk8tracks.


The 2 Track brackets include adjustable feet for tracking off the floor and a level bubble on all sides.


You can use longer and stronger tracking rails such as scaffold pole for lengths up to 6 meters without any joins in the track by attaching scaffold style clamps to the supplied track brackets.


There is a series of 1/4" & 3/8" threads on the side

and top of these for add on components.

If you would like further info please contact to register your interest in the new Sk8plate camera dolly and we will contact you when released.


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In the picure on the right, the Tripods shown are just some of the optional we sell to compliment the Sk8plate camera dolly.


We will also be introducing 1 meter joining

Sk8tracks to increase to tracking range available as

well as a very affordably study lightweight slider stand.

Switching between standard tracking mode, underslung camera, HiHat and skater mode will be

much quicker with a redesigned fluid head bowl

and riser studs.


The bowl will be 100mm standard with a supplied

75mm insert for smaller DSLR fluid heads. There is an optional 150mm bowl as well.


The new Safety Friction brackets now use an improved method to increase friction for more precise close up tracking shots. These brackets also have the ability to use

a bolt on remote controlled motor as in the picture on the left for precise repeatable tracking and time lapse work.

The motor and controllers are available through us.

Introducing the new Sk8plate

camera tracking system


The new Sk8plate has been redeveloped to increase its usability by adding new features, shorten set up time but making it stronger and lighter.

We have eliminated some of the add-on components by incorporating them into the design and reducing the package size.


The top plate has been radically re-designed to be thicker but no heavier and will now include a selection of 1/4" & 3/8" threaded holes for fixing equipment to the dolly.

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The Sk8plate wheels are made of a very hard 100 durometer Polyurethane so wil not flat spot and is a very grippy and resilient material.


Each of the 8 wheels uses 2 stainless steel ABEC bearings and sit at 90 degrees on adjustable arms that grip any range of pole from 1" to 3" diameter.


When using Sk8plate at a skater on a flat surface, these wheel arms can turn through an arc to give perfect smooth rotational shots.

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Sk8plate can use our optional remote motor and controller with timelapse ability.


We sell a number of otional extra's like the motor and controller kit and the innovative mini magic arm that incorporates small cheese plates into the arms for attaching multiple items.

The Sk8plate 100mm bowl can be raised with the leg studs that are included with the kit. If Hi Hat mode is needed simply unscrew the 4 wheel arm knobs and the top plate will sit on 4 rubber non slip adjustable corner feet.


All adjustments are made by hand or using the included Allen key that fits all.

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The Sk8plate 100mm bowl can be moved to the underside of the dolly so the camera and fluid head can be inverted

for underslung or overhead tracking shots with the rails placed at any height.


If needed there will be an optional 90 degree adjustable

plate to position the camera at any angle. This will fit

between the camera and the fluid head.

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The Sk8plate track brackets accept both the new supplied Sk8track and the previous version track.


There is the facility to attach an optional bracket to take standard scaffold poles for very long tracking without joins and using a heavier camera such as the Arri Amira or Alexa.

These options mean you can fly to location with just the dolly kit as cabin luggage and pick up 40mm or 1.5" pipe or even scaffold pole on location should baggage constraint be an issue.


There is 1/4" and 3/8" threaded holes for attaching any equipment needed or mounting the track to another object using Super Clamps.

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The standard 100mm bowl will include a 75mm insert

to take smaller fluid heads.


In the picture on the right is the optional 150mm bowl.

An optional MOY fitting will also soon be available.

The track brackets when not in use fit into the underside of the dolly body for storage as in the picture on the right.

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When using  Sk8plate in skater mode you can turn

the wheel arms to create an arc around the sublect

The only tool you will need... The supplied Allen key is used for undoing the 100mm fluid head bowl from the dolly. It fits neatly to the Sk8plate with magnets so you everything is to hand!

This also shows the one of the 4 adjustable rubber corner feet for use when in HiHat mode.


The 2 included Sk8plate tripod / lighting stand mounts allows for the tracks to be fitted to tripods using the self centering bowled cup or screwed straight to the track brackets and mounted to any lighting stand that has the standard 29mm spigot receiver socket, such as the baby combo stands by Manfrotto or Avenger.

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Sk8plate brand is owned and sold through Elastic Eye Media Ltd

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This price includes the full kit with tracks

and padded hard sided storage bags!