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Sk8plate : Professional Portable Camera Dolly System : Camera Slider : Camera Skater : Tridod Dolly : Compact Camera Dolly :  Skate Dolly : Skateplate : Video TV Cine Film


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A quick overview



The new dolly will no longer use Super Clamps to hold the tracking rails as the previous version did. The track arms now include an integral clamping design to hold the supplied 1800mm Sk8tracks.

Just like the previous model, it can use longer and stronger

tracking rails such as scaffold pole for lengths up to 6 meters

without any joins in the track by attaching scaffold style

clamps to the supplied track brackets.

There is a series of 1/4" & 3/8" threads on the side

and top of these for add on components.


The track brackets when not in use fit into the

underside of the dolly body for storage.


We will also be introducing 1 meter joining

Sk8tracks to increase to tracking range available as

well as a very affordably study lightweight slider stand.

If you would like further info please contact to register your interest in the new Sk8plate camera dolly and

we will contact you when released.


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In the picure on the left, the items in green are some of the products we will sell as optional extras to compliment

the Sk8plate camera dolly.


The Safety Friction brackets will have the ability to use

an add on remote controlled motor for precise

repeatable tracking and time lapse work.


We will also be introducing a new range of affordable Tripods and a newly designed small magic arm.

Switching between standard tracking mode,

underslung camera, HiHat and skater mode will be

much quicker with a redesigned fluid head bowl

and riser studs.


The bowl will be 100mm standard with a supplied

75mm insert for smaller DSLR fluid heads.


The newly designed Safety Friction brackets work as before to keep the dolly and camera secured to the rails but with an improved method to increase friction for more precise close up tracking shots.

Introducing the new Sk8plate

camera tracking system



The new Sk8plate has been redeveloped to increase its usability by adding new features, shorten the set up time and while making it stronger and lighter.

We have eliminate some of the add-on components by incorperating them into the design and reducing the package size.


These are the finalised drawings of the design now going into production.


The top plate has been radically re-designed to be thicker but no heavier and will now include a selection of 1/4" & 3/8" threaded holes for fixing equipment to the dolly.

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